Kim Hester at Chennai, India

Kim Hester

Kim at Wedding Anniversary, Antoine’s Restaurant, New Orleans

After living 18 years in the Middle East and five years in the South Pacific, Kim Hester has come home to his native land, the United States, and is writing fiction based on his observations abroad. He brings to his writing the experience of having been an editor with the California Department of Education and a fellow in English at Stanford University. He has published nonfiction books by several universities, but has turned his attention in recent years toward fiction and in 2018 completed his first novel, which is largely set in the Middle East, a region he knows intimately. He holds a certificate in fiction writing from Gotham Writers’ Workshop in New York and a certificate in novel writing from Stanford University. He is a member of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association, Willamette Writers, the Academy of American Poets, and Mensa. He resides on the West Coast with his wife and indulges in gardening, cycling, and hiking.

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  1. Beautiful writing!

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