“After He Fell”

The clump of battle fatigues fell,
The retort of the AK-47 soaring into the sky.
My fellow Marine and comrade’s chest
Gaped open with a red river gushing out.
His open eyes were arrows into my psyche,
Piercing through life into the finality of death.
Dirt sprouted up around me
As the AK-47s rang on.
Torn between my fallen comrade
And my own perilous destiny
In this forsaken alley in Fallujah,
A tiger invaded my brain
As my M16 joined the deafening .
The race was on to the bitter destiny,
Either heaven or hell I would visit.
I clutched the crucifix around my neck,
and my bullets sank victoriously
into the foe.
At last my vision turned to my comrade
In his peaceful slumber.
A brief but penetrating silence
Descended on the alley.
Rest well in paradise,
But I will not join you today.

Categories: Poetry

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  1. Very good! Mom (Aunt Alta) was a poet. Of course not in this subject. Not many people knew. I think good literature runs in our family. Thanks for sharing you talents with me. As with everything you do it is excellent. I hope you and Manju are well and happy. Love, Nell

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