Another Step on a Long Journey

After working in the Stanford University novel writing program for two and a half years, I have recently been awarded a Certificate in Novel Writing from the university. I am quite grateful to the staff of the novel writing program, especially novelists Joshua Mohr, Deborah Johnson, and Angela Pneuman, who guided me through the long and sometimes arduous and uncertain process of penning a novel. My studies at Stanford have culminated in the writing of my first novel, which is entitled Beyond the Abyss, a story of an American couple who are caught up in the turmoil of the modern Middle East. With luck, the novel will be published and made available to my readers at some future point. I wish to express appreciation to my wife Manjula and to others who have offered me encouragement and support as I have trodden on the path of creating a long work of fiction.

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  1. Congratulations!  I look forward to reading it. My two granddaughters are graduating from the 8th grade and high school tomorrow and on Saturday, so this week has been very busy, and will continue so for a few more days.  I’m just now getting to my e-mails. I’ll connect with you in a week or so about the La. property.  Just know that money is not being made off the house.  Robert, the fellow Jennifer got to clean it up is doing just that; repair and cleaning.  I’m hoping we can all agree to sell it in September.  More later.  How is Manjula feeling?  The carotid artery procedure I had in January has helped me enormously.  I’m taking a while to heal. Again, it’s great that you are being able to put all your creativity and education into print. Love, Cordy

  2. Hi! I landed on your blog looking for information on the Stanford Novel Writing Program. Would it be possible for you to blog about your experience as a whole? I look forward to reading your novel when it is published.

    • Laksh, the Stanford novel writing program is well worthwhile to pursue for the neophyte novelist. It occupies an aspiring writer for two or more years, but it gives valuable opportunities to study and work with accomplished masters of the craft. If you’re interested in penning long fiction, I highly recommend it to you. Good luck with your writing.

      • Thank you Kim! This really helps. I hope I get an admit. I am not aware of how competitive the admissions process is or how many people apply.

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