“Gypsy Woman”

Swirling around
and around
danced the
gypsy woman of my dreams.

Long flowing skirt
over tan-skinned legs
jumping and frolicking
under blue skies.

Jingling silver
necklace, bracelets,
and earrings sing
the licentious song.

For her, men
bare their muscles,
pilfer chickens,
and swing knives.

Mystical rhythm
from her dark eyes
and dance destine
many to deep longing.

Shake of her
tambourine strikes
music far into
our souls.

To possess her
and caress her,
my fate
it becomes.

From the web
of her charms
one cannot and
dare not flee.

Gypsy woman
beautiful and serene,
please never depart
from my dreams.

Kim Hester

Categories: Poetry

3 replies

  1. Excellent. Enjoyed the colorful picture painted by your words. Love, Nell

    Sent from my HTC EVO 4G LTE exclusively from Sprint

  2. AWESOME! Very nice poem.

  3. I second Nell’s appreciation! Very colorful. And emotional.
    Thanks for sending this.

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